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Adobe Launch Guide

Some content after 20 has not yet been written, I am planning to finish it within this week. You can subscribe to us to get the most open updates.

If you don't understand, You can leave a comment below or email me (haran.huang@ichdata.com).


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(11) friends in the comments
  1. I Passed UTM parameter in URL then hit URL, UTM parameter is tracking perfectly in Google analytics but its not seeing in Application- > cookies because of it i am not able to proceed further for classification and another things in adobe analytics
    Madhusudan2020-02-03 17:30 Reply
    • Haran Huang
      You need to first store UTM parameters in the cookie, then set them to Adobe analytics extensions, and finally set them in Adobe analytics
      BCS2020-02-11 12:09 Reply
  2. UTM parameter tracking is not working in my adobe Launch even I used accurate steps, could you please share accurate code
    Madhusudan2020-01-30 19:03 Reply
    • Haran Huang
      The code in here: https://www.bbccss.com/utm-tracking-in-adobe-analytics.html
      BCS2020-01-30 19:12 Reply
      • i used same code even every step the s.campaign not showing utm paramter in cookies area
        Madhusudan2020-01-30 20:21 Reply
        • Haran Huang
          If there is no UTM parameter in the cookie, this code may not take effect or this code is not suitable for your URM structure. How is your code set and how is your UTM parameter used?
          BCS2020-01-31 09:42 Reply
  3. Yes track scroll depth and time spent
    Bala2019-12-12 14:11 Reply
  4. Hi Haran Huang, It was a great stuff to learn Adobe Launch implementation. can you cover extensions implementations like Time and scroll event which can implement across all the website irrespective of the industry.
    Balakrishna2019-12-04 00:27 Reply
  5. Haran Huang
    BCS2019-11-30 23:25 Reply