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02 Property Components Overview

Log in to Adobe launch to see the main interface of property. As shown in the figure below:

02 Property Components Overview

The property page can be divided into three parts: the head, the left and the main interface.


Let’s take a look at the head first:02 Property Components Overview

  • One is the logo of adobe experience cloud. Click it and jump to the homepage of adobe experience cloud
  • The second is the management interface return page of adobe launch, which is the current page
  • The third is the organization ID
  • The fourth is the quick access to other Adobe products. Click to open the following page:

02 Property Components Overview

  • The fifth is the help button, where you can enter the community to ask questions, find help documents, etc.
  • The sixth is account information, which can be edited.


There are only two functions on the left, properties and audit events

02 Property Components Overview

  • Above are properties. Click to return to the property management interface, which is the current page
  • Next is audit events, which records the user’s operation history. We can know who, when and what we did.02 Property Components Overview

Main Interface

02 Property Components Overview

  • The first is the organization ID, which can’t be modified. It indicates which organization the following property belongs to.
  • The second is the search function, which can quickly search the property you are looking for.
  • The third is to create a new property function. You can create a new property.

The following is the property currently owned. The name, platform and status will be displayed:

  • The name is the name of property, which is customized by us.
  • Platform is the platform type, which is web or mobile
  • Status indicates whether it is currently enabled.

Property Management

Did you notice that property has a check box? This is the function of modifying property. Check it and you can see:

02 Property Components Overview

You can configure, copy, and delete properties.

  • Configuration is to modify the created amount property information. You can modify the name and add domains
  • Copy is to copy one more property.
  • Delete is to delete this property. This operation should be careful.

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