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13 Data Elements Mapping and Value Persistence

Data Elements Mapping

This Mapping has two meanings, one is that data elements are in the form of key-value, and the other is Mapping Table.


Data elements let you create a data dictionary (or data map) of commonly used items on a page, regardless of where they originate (query strings, URLs, or cookie values) for any object that is contained on your site. You use data elements to build a data layer that can be used for Analytics and other data collection tools.

Each data element is in the form of key-value, which will correspond to a value, otherwise it is null or undefined

Mapping Table

Mapping Table is an Extensions, so you must install it first.

13 Data Elements Mapping and Value Persistence


Return to Data Elements after installation and create a new Data Element:

13 Data Elements Mapping and Value Persistence

Both Extension and Data Element Type select Mapping Table, and the above page will appear. The role of this is to classify fields or data elements.The lookup table for GTM has the same effect.

If your js is better, you can directly use the custom js in the data element. For details, please see 16 Overview and Use Cases of Data Element Types


Value Persistence

Value Persistence depends on Storage Duration in data elements. Data Elements can be stored in 4 different scopes: None、Pageview、Session, and Visitor

13 Data Elements Mapping and Value Persistence

  • None: Does not store the value. None This type is mainly used for single-page applications, because in a single-page application, if A page passes data of a and then the user clicks to page B, in principle, a should not be passed, a should be null or undefined, but The logic of Adobe Launch is to go back to the previously stored data elements and also pass a. This is not what we want because single page applications do not have HTML reloading. So we need None.
  • Pageview:   Data element values are held in a JavaScript variable inside the library. If the user navigates to a new page or refreshes the page, the value is discarded.
  • Session: Data element values are persisted to Session Storage. When the browser tab is closed, the value is discarded.
  • Visitor: Data element values are persisted to Local Storage. The value will be persisted indefinitely.


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