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Container Export And Import

In GTM, you can export existing configurations and then import them into other containers. You can use this to import other people’s configurations and see how others use GTM. The import and export methods are very simple:

1、Container Export

In the GTM, click “Admin” > “Export Container” > “Select Version or Workspace” > “Default Workspace” > “Export” to get the configuration file of the entire container. The format of the file is json:

Container Export And Import

2、Container Import

Click “Admin” > “Import Container” in GTM.You can see the following picture:Container Export And Import

  • Choose container file: just select the container configuration file you need to import, in json format.
  • Choose Workspace: It can be new or existing. Generally choose existing ones. If you choose existing ones, you will be allowed to choose which version. You can choose Workspace.
  • Choose an import option: Overwrite and merge, the overlay is the new replacement for the old one, the merge is the new import, and the general selection is overwrite.

We select file to import:

Container Export And Import

And then  choose workspace, and choose overwrite:

Container Export And Import

At the bottom you will see some information to import this time, such as how many tags are imported, how many Trigger imports, and how many variables are imported.

Just click Confirm to import.

We  done!!!

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