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1.1.2、Why use Google Analytics

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Currently, there are many different types of web analytics tools on the market, including free GA, Facebook Analytics, and Flurry analysis,Etc., charges for GA360, Adobe Analytics, Webtrekk, and Webtrends. For most users, there is really no website analysis tool that can perfectly meet all your web analytics needs. They are not tailored for you, but just a general-purpose tool. Users can choose one or more analysis tools to meet the different needs of the website, or directly choose a tool with sufficient analysis capabilities.

We recommend using GA because it’s very powerful even for the free version of GA. GA has many functions, and its definition or use has become the rule of the industry. Other vendors can only follow up. In the free tool, GA has the following advantages.

1. Fast calculation speed

GA gets reports very quickly, and even if you add a secondary dimension or pull a long time period, you can get results in a matter of seconds. If users use BI (Business Intelligence) developed by themselves, then it is always necessary to wait for a long time to add or filter conditions, and some even can’t do it themselves. In contrast, you will find that GA is very fast.

2. Basic analysis functions are comprehensive

GA provides multiple standard reports covering user attribute, traffic acquisition, user behavior, and conversions, which basically optimizes the user’s analysis and optimization of users and sites from multiple dimensions.

3. Customized function is strong

GA provides features such as secondary dimensions, segmentation, and custom reporting. It can be used for data stripping, comparative analysis, or new personalized reporting to meet the needs of personalized data analysis, helping users trace the source and find the mysteries in the data.

4.Complete product line

You can combine and analyze GA data with Google Sheet, import it into Data Studio for visualization, and use it with Google Tag Manager for advanced tracking, combined with Adwords ad serving. At the same time, Google offers a number of tools that can be combined with GA and open up data or implement complex functionality.

GA is not only a tool, but also provides a set of methods and rules to help website analysts and website owners analyze websites. It has become the industry’s default specification.

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