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Adobe Analytics demo account

Adobe Analytics Haran Huang 2 years ago (2020-03-26) 2855 Views 0 Comments

A lots of people want to learn Adobe Analytics, but they don’t have an Adobe Analytics account because it is paid, no free trial.

But in fact, There are still ways to get the Adobe Analytics demo account.

Adobe Analytics Demo

Adobe Analytics sometimes open a free account application. It was opened once in 2018. The limit is 10,000 and the validity period is one year. But I can still log in now, so I think there should be no expiration restrictions.

In 2020, Adobe Analytics opened an application for a Demo account with a limit of 10,000. The application address is:

6 Months Free  Trial

Recently, Adobe Analytics released a message that potential customers can apply for a 6-month trial for free, but the monthly server calls can hold 10 million, which is the same amount as the free Google Analytics Hits.

Adobe Analytics demo account

The application method is to find an Adobe Analytics partners. If the partner thinks that you are a potential customer, transfer the sales lead entry system, and then have Adobe’s approval. If it passes, you have a 6-month free trial.

Adobe Analytics University Student Sandbox account

In 2021, Adobe provided the Adobe Analytics University Student Sandbox account, mainly to provide learning analysis opportunities for college students who have partner institutions with Adobe. Currently, the cooperative institutions include University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Utah and University of Michigan, if you are a student of the above-mentioned colleges and universities, you can use the school mailbox to apply:

Adobe Analytics demo account

Adobe Analytics partners

There are three types of applications to Adobe Analytics partners:

  • Sandbox: It is provided to partners, who can experience all the processes, mainly internal training and demonstration to customers.
  • Experience account: It is officially provided to partners. The data in it is fixed, mainly for functional experience.
  • Offline Experience Cloud is abbreviated as OEC, which is a simulation experience software provided to partners, through which multiple Adobe products can be experienced locally.

But in this way, you may be rejected.

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