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GA and GTM, Don’t be Confused Anymore

Google Analytics Haran Huang 3 years ago (2020-03-17) 1944 Views 2 Comments

For many novices, GA and GTM are often distinguished, and they do not know what they are used for. The differences between them are explained in this section.

GA——Google Analytics 

The full name of GA is Google Analytics.

GA is a website analysis tool. As long as a piece of js code is deployed on the page, a lot of data can be collected and presented to you in reports of various dimensions.

The GA login page is:

GA’s page report looks like this:

GA and GTM, Don't be Confused Anymore

More information about Google Analytics can be found at www.

If you want to look at the data, you need to look at the report, you want to analyze, use Google Analytics.

GTM——Google Tag Manager

The full name of GTM is Google Tag Manager.

GTM is a Tag Manager System, which is mainly suitable for managing third-party tracking codes, such as Google Analytics tracking codes, Facebook Pixel, and ad technology company codes.

The GTM login page is:

The GTM page looks like this:

GA and GTM, Don't be Confused Anymore

If you want to manage third-party code and tags, then use GTM.

The reality is that these two products are often combined, using GTM instead of GA tracking code, doing event tracking, setting custom dimensions, etc.




Full Name

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager


Analytics Platform

Tag Manager System


Web Analytics tools

Manage third-party tags

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  1. HI Haung, First of all many thanks for your blogs. Q: Is there any way to drive artificial or Bot traffic to testing website (like ecommerce) , for testing analytics purpose? Thanks
    KC2020-10-31 17:54 Reply
    • This should be difficult, because it is necessary to identify the bot traffic first, and then load the unused content, so the time required for identification will be very short, and in a lot of time, enough information may be obtained to determine whether it is bot traffic.
      Haran Huang2020-10-31 23:11 Reply