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Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager

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Update time: June 7, 2024

This article introduces Conversion Linker.

What is Conversion Linker

Conversion Linker will automatically detect ad click information, such as gclid, in the conversion page URL, and then store this information in the first-party cookies _gcl_dc and _gcl_aw, which can effectively evaluate conversion and attribution.


Why need Conversion Linker

Because Apple’s ITP rules restrict the use of third-party cookies, and Adwords uses third-party cookies, this will result in conversions not being tracked.

Therefore, Google launched Conversion Linker, which allows the information originally stored in third-party Adwords to be stored in the first-party cookies gcl_dc and _gcl_aw, and can continue to be used to track conversions and attribution normally.



When to use Conversion Linker

  • If you installed GA4 and Adwords conversion through hard coding, no installation is required
  • In other cases, installation is required

Therefore, Conversion Linker basically must be installed.



How to install Conversion Linker in GTM

Click 「Tags」——「New」——「Choose a tag type to begin setup…」in GTM, and then search for “Conversion Linker”:

Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager

Click to install it and select All Pages as the Triggers:

Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager


That’s it, no need to make extra settings.


Linker Options

There are three advanced settings in the Linker Options of Conversion Linker:

Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager


 Enable linking on all page URLs 

By default, only the landing page will have the gclid parameter. After turning this on, subsequent pages visited will also have the gclid.

No setup is required.


 Enable linking across domains 

You need to turn it on when the domain of your landing page and the domain of the conversion page are different.


 Override cookie settings (advanced) 

Conversion Linker will generate first-party cookies _gcl_dc and _gcl_aw by default to store set ad click information, and use the top-level domain and path by default.
Unless you must set cookies on a specific subdomain or path, or need to set multiple cookies, modify them here.

Otherwise there is no need to adjust these settings.

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