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Block Traffic from on GA4

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Recently I discovered that the website has traffic from, as shown in the “Page title and screen class” report:Block Traffic from on GA4



Find the URL of this traffic:Block Traffic from on GA4


This GTM is not mine.

Open this URL:Block Traffic from on GA4


It will load multiple GTMs and send data to multiple different GA4s, which is obviously machine traffic.

Its principle is that when you open the URL, your GTM will be loaded, and then GA4‘s page tracking will be triggered. What is tracked in GA4 is* **, this URL is obviously not your own domain name, so you can add a restriction to the GTM page tracking trigger.



Add a restriction to GTM’s page tracking trigger. The domain that the page is viewed will only be triggered if it is your own:

Block Traffic from on GA4

In this way, even if loads your GTM, it will not be triggered and send spam data to your GA4.

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