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Adobe’s different ID system

Adobe Analytics Haran Huang 1 years ago (2020-02-28) 588 Views 0 Comments


ECID=Experience Cloud Visitor ID

MCID=Marketing Cloud ID Service

The Adobe Experience Cloud Identity Service (ID service) provides a universal, persistent ID that identifies your visitors across all the solutions in the Experience Cloud. It can replace ID generation code for services such as Analytics, Audience Manager, Target, and other Experience Cloud solutions or features.

Experience Cloud Visitor ID is common to all Adobe products. To use this, you need to start the Experience Cloud ID Service Extension.

Adobe's different ID system



SDID= Supplemental Data ID

The SDID is a parameter used by Analytics and Target to stitch the calls together. For each page view, you should have a new SDID, Target and Analytics calls contain same SDID, This is how Analytics can later create the reports you get from A4T.

Adobe Supplemental ID is generated anytime the following criteria are in place: 

  •   The visitor ID service is in implemented
  •   A version of mbox.js that supports this integration is implemented.

Adobe's different ID system

For each page view, you should have a new SDID



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