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Adobe’s Special Features for China

Adobe Analytics Haran Huang 5 months ago (01-17) 170 Views 0 Comments

Due to China GFW, users in China may be slow to load Library Code or send data from non-China regions.

Therefore, Adobe provides some paid feature for China, and must be purchased by your organization in order to enable and use it.

China Performance Optimization(Adobe Analytics)

Adobe’s Performance Optimization in mainland China enables customers with users inside China to have that data sent directly to Adobe edge collection servers (RDC、Regional Data Collection)inside China, instead of other locations globally. This improves page load times and data accuracy over sending the data to nodes outside of China.

Note that data is ultimately transferred to one of Adobe’s Data Processing Center (DPC) outside of China. 

For more information about RDC and PDC, please refer to RDC and PDC for Adobe Analytics


Premium CDN Support(Adobe Launch)

Premium CDN Support is to use China’s CDN for Adobe Launch Library Code, which can make Adobe Launch Library Code load faster in China.

Adobe's Special Features for China

After enabling, you can see that Adobe Launch Library Code is loaded from .cn.


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