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How Adobe Launch Works

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Adobe Launch is a tag manager system. All tag manager systems work similarly:

First of all, a section of library code needs to be deployed to the head of all pages, in order to be loaded as soon as possible to ensure the accuracy of the data.

How Adobe Launch Works

In fact, this library code is a piece of asynchronously loaded JS. Once loaded into this code, it will load the latest container configuration on Adobe Lauch, such as the data elements, rules, and extensions above. If triggered, send data.


We next look at some overall processing processes, which can be represented by this figure:

How Adobe Launch Works

1. Web browser request web page from website ’s servers: When a user opens a web page, the browser initiates a request to the server.

2、Website servers send page content and Adobe Launch Library Code to browser:Because our library code is deployed in the header, it will be sent to the browser with the page content.

3、Request to load Property configuration:The page loads content from top to bottom. The content of the header is loaded first. As soon as it is loaded into the library code, the latest configuration of the container in Adobe launch or the latest configuration in Property is loaded.

4、Back to Property configuration:The latest configuration on Adobe Launch will be loaded, such as the data element, rules, and extensions configuration above.

5、Browser executes tag code and collects data:That is, the page performs some operations on the configuration, such as setting cookies, collecting data, and monitoring user behavior.

6、Tag code instructs browser to send data to data collection server:Triggered, as if the relevant data was sent to the Adobe server via a one-pixel image.

7、Returns execution status. Adobe’s server will return a turntable to indicate whether the data has been received, such as 307, 200, 404

Finally, the data in Adobe is processed, stored, organized into reports, and finally the reports we see in Adobe Analytics.


How Adobe Launch Works

The whole process is to first open the website, load it into the Adobe Launch library code, then load the configuration (data elements, rules, and extensions) on the container, and finally trigger sending data.

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  1. Which is fired first Data element or rule?
    navneet2020-09-25 15:41 Reply Windows 10 | Chrome 85.0.4183.121
    • Depending on the order in the rules, the smaller the order, the easier it is to trigger.
      BCS2020-09-28 13:49 Reply Mac OS X | Chrome 85.0.4183.121