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Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite

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What is a Report Suite

According to the official definition:

A report suite is a silo of data that Adobe Analytics uses to pull reports. 

It can be understood that the report suite is the place to receive and store data, as well as the place for analysis, which corresponds to the Property in Google Analytics.


Types of report suites

There are several types of report suites, the differences between which are as follows:

Report Suite

Report Suite:  generally corresponds to a report suite for a website/APP.
Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite


Global Report Suite

Global Report SuiteA global report suite is a report suite that collects data from all domains and apps that your organization owns.Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite


Rollups Report Suite

Rollups Report Suite:  A rollup is single report suite that combines the tracking data of several other report suites, Data is not processed in real time. and Rollups Report Suite cannot be used in Workspace, so it is not recommended to use it. Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite


Virtual Report Suite

Virtual Report Suite: Virtual report suites segment your Adobe Analytics data so you can control access to each segment. Data is not processed in real time.Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite


The process of creating a common report suites and a global report suites is the same. If a report suites only accepts data from one website, it is called a Report Suite. If a report package suites data from multiple websites, it is called a Global Report Suite.

Although both the global report suites and the summary report suites can summarize multiple data. The global report suites summarizes the data of multiple sites, and the Rollups Report Suite summarizes the mutual data reported by multiple report suites


Application Scenario

If you only have one website, you can simply create report suite.

If you have multiple websites and need to aggregate all data, there are three ways:

  • Rollups Report:Use the Rollups Report Suite to summarize all data, which is currently not recommended officially.Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite
  • Multi-suite tagging:Each site sends data to the  report suite and the global report suite.Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite
  • Virtual report suite:All sites only send to the Global report package, and then split the data of each site through the virtual report suite.Meet the Adobe Analytics Report Suite


The second way has a clear structure, but there are secondary calls, which will incur fees.

The third way is relatively speaking because it can reduce the call of secondary requests, which can save costs, but because the data of the virtual report package is not real-time, and the variable name cannot be customized like in the complete report package, so there is also a big problem. limitation.


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