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21 Store Data in Cookies

Adobe Launch Haran Huang 4 years ago (2019-12-03) 911 Views 0 Comments

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With Adobe Launch, there are two ways to write data to cookies, one is through doPlugins in the Adobe Analytics Extension, and the other is custom code.


This method can refer to another article:UTM tracking in Adobe Analytics. This article is to write UTM parameters to cookies through doPlugins, and then assemble them into s.campaign parameters. The specific implementation process can be seen in that article.

Custom code

We can just find an already deployed Rule, and then create a new Action:

21 Store Data in Cookies

Then copy the code into js:

21 Store Data in Cookies


The function of this code is to write my mobile number into a cookie, ?,Then save:

21 Store Data in Cookies

Then you can publish the test:

21 Store Data in Cookies

See, my mobile number is already written in the cookie.


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