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Install and Upgrade Extensions

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Install and Upgrade Extensions are simple.

An extension is a packaged set of code that extends the Launch interface and the library functionality. Launch is the platform, and extensions are like apps that run on the platform.Extensions are similar to tools in the previous Dynamic Tag Management.

Extensions will have the Core extension by default, this extension provides:
  • Default event
  • Default conditions and exceptions
  • Default client-side code

Extensions are usually provided by third-party vendors, and Extensions can simplify the deployment of third-party products.

Main Interface

The interface of the Extensions is as follows:

Install and Upgrade Extensions

There should be three functions, the above figure shows only two, three are Installed, Catalog, Updates

  • Installed:Shows all of your installed extensions.
  • Catalog:Shows all available extensions
  • Updates:Shows updates to installed extensions.


Install  Extensions

In the navigation bar of Launch, click Extensions, then Catalog, then search for the Extensions you want to install, and click Install directly.

Install and Upgrade Extensions

Then you need to do some configuration in Extensions, such as the configuration report suite of Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics to configure the Tracking ID, each Extensions needs to do different configurations.

You need to publish the library to take effect.

Upgrade Extensions

Look at the Upgrade icon, click directly to upgrade, you need to publish the library to take effect.

Install and Upgrade Extensions


Delete Extensions

If you want to delete the Extension, You must first close this Extension, and then release a version, and finally delete the Extension, directly find the corresponding Extensions, click on the down menu on the right side of configure to see the option to delete.

Install and Upgrade Extensions


Isn’t it simple?

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