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Adobe Launch Property

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As we already know Adobe Launch Account Hierarchy,Property can also be called Container, a Property represents a website or APP.

Property Components Overview

If you have obtained Adobe Launch authorization, then you can log in through, and after logging in, you will see the following page:

Adobe Launch Property

The page can be divided into three parts: header, sidebar, and core area.


Adobe Launch Property

First let’s look at the head: the background color of the head is black.

  • We look from left to right. The first is the Adobe Experience Cloud logo and name. Click here to jump to the Adobe Experience Cloud homepage.
  • The second one is Launch. When it means operating in the current product, that is, Adobe Launch, you can see that the bottom is slightly different, indicating that it is at the current position.
  • The third is the organization ID. Each company has an organization ID. If you can log in to Adobe Launch, you are authorized by at least one organization ID and one Adobe Id can be authorized by multiple organization IDs.
  • The fourth is the product quick jump entrance, where you can quickly access other Adobe Experience Cloud products.
  • The fifth is help files and community support, where you can access official documentation.

These are all the functions of the head.


Adobe Launch Property

Next, let’s look at the sidebar. The only sidebar is Properties and audit events:

The role of Property is to return to the Property management interface

For example, I now do the settings in Adobe Launch. Now to return to the Property management interface, I can click Properties.  You see, back to the Property management interface.

Audit Events are property records, who, when, and what actions can be performed.

Core areas

Adobe Launch Property

Finally we look at the core areas.

The top is the organization Id. Clicking this place has the same effect as clicking Properties in the sidebar.

Here is the search function, you can quickly find Property.

On the right, there is a button to create a New Property. You can create a new Property. This is the only place where you can create a Property.

The following is the property that has been created, showing Name, Platform and Status respectively.

  • Name is the name of the property;
  • Platform is the type of property, there are two types of web and mobile.
  • STATUS is whether it is available.

There is a checkbox in front of each Property. If you check it, there will be other operation options to choose from.

Create New Property

You can see that there is a New Property button in the core area. This is the only place to create a Property. 

Adobe Launch Property

Click “New Property” to create a Property, you can see the following setting interface:

Adobe Launch Property


  • Name: It is the name of the property, which is customized. Generally, it is the host name. Here we fill in
  • Platform: It is the type to be tracked, there are Web and Mobile to choose from, Web means website, Mobile means APP, here we choose Web.
  • Domains: indicates the domain name, you can fill in multiple domain names, but here you must fill in the top-level domain name, no subdomains, paths, protocols, etc. Fill here.
  • There are two options in the advanced options. Generally, the first one is checked, and the second one is for those who need to develop extensions by themselves.

The final complete configuration is as follows:

Adobe Launch Property

Finally click “Save” to save. Then you can see this Property in the Property management interface, which means that you have successfully created it.

Adobe Launch Property

Configure Property

Each Property has a check box, after you check, there will be other options, Configure is here.

Adobe Launch Property


Delete Property

Check the box in front of Property directly and select delete.

Adobe Launch Property

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