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Form Change: Modify content

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Trigger the action when a content is change. As shown below, it was originally root, but I changed it to Haran
Form Change: Modify content

Create a Rule

Create a Rule and name it Form Change:
Form Change: Modify content


Create an EVENTS, select Change for Event Types:

Form Change: Modify content

Here you need to do some settings for the event type Change, and you need to locate it. Here, use the CSS method to locate it.

Return to the page of the website, move the mouse to the position you want to track, that is, the input box

Form Change: Modify content

and then right-click to view Inspect, and the cursor will be positioned at the line of the source code where you are. Then copy it as follows:

Form Change: Modify content

Paste into Elements matching the CSS selector:

Form Change: Modify content

There are other settings here, such as And having certain property values ​​、and is changed to the following value…and Advanced options (Bubbling)

And having certain property values: This is a restriction on Property,  Using this option to target elements will add logic to the JavaScript library that will adversely affect performance. Adobe recommends using the CSS selector option above. and it is generally not checked.

and is changed to the following value …: You can set a default value, compare with this, and trigger only when it is consistent.

Advanced options (Bubbling) generally check the first two by default.  Copying CSS using the method above is already positioned to the lowest level, so there is no relationship of inclusion.

These settings can be selected by default.


Create the first Action and set event1 to Form Change. The specific settings are as follows:

Form Change: Modify content


Create a second Action and set it do  not treat is as a page views. The specific settings are as follows:

Form Change: Modify content


The final complete Rules setup is:

Form Change: Modify content

Publish & Test

Publish a version and test it.


Form Change: Modify content

I recorded a GIF. Please note that when the tab is clicked on the head, the data of Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger changes and an event will appear.




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