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Adobe Launch Detection Tool: Launch Library Parser

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This tool has been discontinued.

Launch Library Parser – A library parser that detects potential problems, allows you to search for specific code, and see visualizations from the library’s dependencies, which developed by Urs Boller

Launch Library Parser can be used to detect whether your deployment is correct, and you can adjust it according to the error.

URL used:

Adobe Launch Detection Tool: Launch Library Parser


Features of Launch Library Parser

check quality

The Launch Library Parser inspects your Adobe Launch library to detect possible problems during implementation. Get a summary table with all warnings and errors for your library.

search content

The Launch Library Parser allows to search for any item or code in your library.Get the results in a nice interface for easy recognition of the search results.

see dependencies

With the visualizations of your Adobe Launch library you are able to see the dependencies. Check all rules that get triggered by a single event and much more.

the problem

Using a tag manager like “Launch, by Adobe” gives you almost endless possibilities. Adobe did a really great job with the new tool! There are not only a lot of public extensions to install, everybody can create a private one.
But the more options, the bigger is the complexity of the tool and the final javascript libraries. If there are more than a dozen and hundreds of rules in a single library, how can anybody be sure that everything works as expeceted?


the solution

The idea of a public website for a “Launch Library Parser” was based on a “proof of concept” using an Excel file. This parser is completely built out of nothing using different public and private libraries (written by the author) to check and display the different libraries.
The parser will never be perfect, but it was already very helpful during the tests to detect mistakes before going public.

the future

The parser was written using a small number of libraries. There are a lot more ways on how you can use “Launch, by Adobe” and finally get a completely different javascript library. That means, the more new situations appear, the more checks can be written.

How to use?

The method used is very simple, copy the Adobe Launch Library Code directly to check your engine, then click “Launch”, copy the Adobe Launch Library Code on my blog for testing:
Adobe Launch Detection Tool: Launch Library Parser
Then you need to wait a minute or two,Then the following data report will appear, mainly in three parts: Quality, Content and Dependencies:
Quality:Display Quality Check Result and perform logic monitoring on Library.
Content:Display configuration settings
Dependencies:Show data transfer relationships
Adobe Launch Detection Tool: Launch Library Parser


The most important report is this.  Just look at the Quality Check Result to know the deployment situation. My Quality Check Result: 99%, a very high score. The only error is The library is not self-hosted (hosting managed by Adobe). I use the official one.

Adobe Launch Detection Tool: Launch Library Parser


Each can be opened by clicking and it will prompt you why it is wrong.




It mainly displays some configurations. You can use this to analyze what tracking others’ websites have done and which data elements to set …

Adobe Launch Detection Tool: Launch Library Parser


Visually display the relationship between data elements, rules, and extensions, and you can know the data elements

Adobe Launch Detection Tool: Launch Library Parser


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