Corresponding places in DTM and Launch | Haran

Corresponding places in DTM and Launch

Adobe Launch Haran Huang 3 years ago (2020-02-15) 838 Views 0 Comments

During the process of migrating from DTM to Adobe Launch, many need to be reset, but Adobe Launch is a brand-new tool. Many settings or settings are different from DTM, but they are basically compatible.

The following are the settings that need to be set in common DTMs. Most of them have been built-in in Launch, just need to be turned on, and a few are syntax changes.

The first column is the usage in DTM, the second column is the usage in Launch, and the third-party column is where it is set.Corresponding places in DTM and Launch

It should be noted that some names entered through the browser console may be unstable, thinking that the Launch is constantly being adjusted.

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