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Adobe Tag Manager History(Until Adobe Launch)

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Adobe acquired Omniture for $ 1.8 billion in 2009 and entered the digital marketing space.

Omniture, Inc. is a leading provider of online business optimization software, enabling customers to manage and enhance online, offline and multi-channel business initiatives. Omniture’s software, which it hosts and delivers to its customers as an on-demand subscription service and on-premise solution, enables customers to capture, store and analyze information generated by their Web sites and other sources and to gain critical business insights into the performance and efficiency of marketing and sales initiatives and other business processes. 

Since then, Adobe has a complete set of digital marketing solutions. At the time of the acquisition, Omniture did not have a tag manager system. It was not until 2011 that Adobe Tag Manager, or ATM, was released, after which it went through DTM and Launch.

Adobe Tag Manager(ATM)

Adobe Tag Manager History(Until Adobe Launch)


In 2011, Adobe announced the release of Adobe Tag Manager for the Adobe Online Marketing Suite (OMS), which also call Adobe Tag Manager 1.0 .

In 2012, Adobe announced the release of Adobe Tag Manager 2.0 for the Adobe Marketing Cloud,How Adobe TagManager Works introduces the 2.0 version.

Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

Adobe Tag Manager History(Until Adobe Launch)


In 2013, Adobe acquired Satellite TMS from Search Discovery and renamed Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (Adobe  DTM) to replace their Adobe Tag Manager.  

In 2021, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management will no longer be used.

Search Discovery is an interesting company.  In  2020, it announces the release of a new product, Apollo, the world’s first Analytics Management System.

Adobe Launch(Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection)

Adobe Tag Manager History(Until Adobe Launch)


Adobe Launch has many names, such as Adobe Launch, Launch By Adobe, Adobe Experience Cloud Launch, Adobe Experience Platform Launch, Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection.

But it is generally called Adobe Launch.

In 2015, Adobe plans to develop the next generation of Tag  Management System(TMS), which was built by the same team behind Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

In 2017, Adobe about releasing the beta version of Adobe Cloud Platform Launch, it allow online businesses to consolidate and manage tags to make marketing activities more efficient, reduce cost and improve website performance.

In 2019, Adobe about releasing the official version of Adobe Cloud Platform Launch.

In 2021, Adobe Launch completely replaces DTM.

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