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Malware Warning in Google Tag Manager

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If you deploy third-party code with custom HTML in GTM, then you may encounter:

Malware Warning in Google Tag Manager



This is because GTM has a malware detection mechanism, which was released in 2016. It will automatically detect whether there is malware in the configuration in the container, and prompt if there is.

Generally speaking, the introduction of some unknown js will trigger, as you loaded A.js, but in fact A hides B.js, B.js is dangerous.



  • Community Template Gallery: The best way to avoid malware issues is to use the tag templates built into Google Tag Manager,find templates in the Community Template Gallery, and use them directly if available.
  • Without GTM: directly deploy third-party code to the source code without using GTM
  • Communicate with Vendor to determine whether there is third-party js loading or data sharing

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