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Adobe Launch Property Components Overview

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Update time: November 10, 2022

When you log in to Adobe Launch, you can see the main interface of the properties:

Adobe Launch Property Components Overview

The property page can be divided into three parts: the head, the left and the main interface.


Let’s take a look at the head first:

Adobe Launch Property Components Overview


  1. 1:Close Menu:Hide or show the left function.
  2. 2:Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection:Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection logo, click to open the Property list page.
  3. 3:BCS: Organization ID
  4. 4:PROD:Environment Types for Adobe Experience Platform
  5. 5::Adobe product shortcuts, click to open the following page:

Adobe Launch Property Components Overview


  1. 6:Question mark:Documentation, Support and Feedback
  2. 7:Notifications:Notifications and Announcements
  3. 8:Avatar:User account information


There are only some functions on the left:

Adobe Launch Property Components Overview

    • Tags: client side tracking
    • Datastreams: A datastream is a server-side configuration on Platform Edge Network. The datastream ensures that incoming data to the Platform Edge Network is routed to Adobe Experience Cloud applications and services appropriately
    • Forwarding:server side tracking
    • Assurance: formally known as Project Griffon, is designed to help you inspect, proof, simulate, and validate how you collect data or serve experiences in your mobile app.
    • Places: previously known as Adobe Experience Platform Location Service, is a geo-location service that enables mobile apps with location awareness to understand the location context by using rich and easy-to-use SDK interfaces accompanied by a flexible database of points of interests (POIs).
    • Schemas: XDM is a publicly documented specification designed to improve the power of digital experiences.
    • Identities: helps you to gain a better view of your customers and their behaviors by bridging identities across devices and systems,

Main Interface

Adobe Launch Property Components Overview

The name, platform,modified by  and last modified will be displayed.

Manage properties

Did you notice that property has a check box? This is the function of modifying property. Check it and you can see:

Adobe Launch Property Components Overview

You can configure, copy, and delete properties.

  • Configuration is to modify the created amount property information. You can modify the name and add domains
  • Copy is to copy one more property.
  • Delete is to delete this property. This operation should be careful.


If you want to create a new Property, please refer to Create New Property In Adobe Launch

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