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Create New Property In Adobe Launch

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Update time: August 16, 2023

When you log in to Adobe launch, you can see the following interface, in this section, we will create a new property.  Let me do the following:

Create New Property

Click 「New Property on the right:

Create New Property In Adobe Launch


Then you will see a page to configure and fill in the property:

Create New Property In Adobe Launch


  • Name: required, generally fill in the domain name of the website
  • Platform: required. Choose according to the actual situation. If your website chooses web, if your app chooses mobile
  • Domains: optional. Multiple domains can be filled in, but no subdomains, paths, protocols, etc, must be in *. com format, for example, my blog is, directly fill in
  • Advanced Options,:There are three advanced options, return an empty string for undefined data elements and  configure for extension development (cannot be modified later). The first one is easy to understand. Undefined data elements are empty when they have no value and are generally checked. The second one is that you need to check when you need to develop your own extensions, and generally do not check.

Then click 「Save」.

Save & Finish

You can see the corresponding property in the property management interface to indicate that the creation is successful.

If you don’t see it, you can use the search function to search.

Create New Property In Adobe Launch

We done!

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