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08 Team Work and Publishing

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In Adobe  Launch, their structural relationship is: An Adobe ID can have permissions for multiple organizations, and an organization can have  permissions for multiple properties. Each Property will contain a set of Rules, DataElement and Extensions

08 Team Work and Publishing

We know there are three levels of permission that are important for the approval workflow:

  • The develop right: Includes the ability to create libraries, build for development, and submit for approval
  • The approve right: Includes the ability to build for staging and approve
  • The publish right: Includes the ability to publish an approved library

The structure of the above picture can be changed to:

08 Team Work and Publishing

Different people have different permissions. It depends on the permissions you are granted. Adobe is authorized by groups, you can create a group, this group has several permissions, pull Adobe ID down to this group, it has these permissions.  Permissions are managed in the Admin Console.

In this section, I discuss Launch permissions, because there are other permissions management, such as organization, product permissions management

You can log in at https://adminconsole.adobe.com/ if you are admin:08 Team Work and Publishing

The circle marks the group that has been created. Each group has different permissions. Whoever you want to authorize will pull the group down.

Create a group

Let’s see how some groups are created, and how are the permissions set and assigned? We feel this through the process of creating a group.

Click “New File”.This is called file, but I like to call grouping, I think grouping is more accurate.

08 Team Work and Publishing

There will be a grouped named page:

08 Team Work and Publishing

  • Names are generally based on a combination of countries and permissions
  • Description is a specific description of some permissions for your colleagues to know.
  • User Notifications——Notify users by email when they are added or removed from this profile. Please note that new Adobe ID or Enterprise ID users will receive one initial email to complete the setup of their account.

After saving, enter the configuration permissions,Includes Properties, Properties Rights, and Company Rights:08 Team Work and Publishing


Properties is to authorize which properties, you can click one by one, or select all.

08 Team Work and Publishing

You can also check Auto-include, and subsequent property creation will be automatically grouped one by one.


Properties Rights

This is what type of permissions are granted.

08 Team Work and Publishing

You can set the following property rights:

  • Develop: Grants the ability to create rules and data elements. You can also create libraries and build them in existing development environments. You can submit a library for approval when ready. Most day-to-day tasks in Launch require this right.
  • Approve: Grants the ability to take a submitted library and build to the staging environment. You can also approve a library for publishing once testing has been completed.
  • Publish: Grants the ability to publish approved libraries to the production environment.
  • Manage Extensions: Grants the abilities to install new extensions to a property, to modify the extension configuration for an already installed extension, and to delete an extension.. This role typically belongs to IT or Marketing, depending on your organization.
  • Manage Environments: Grants the ability to create and modify environments.. This role typically belongs to the IT group.

Company Rights

Company rights apply to permissions that span multiple properties. There are currently two:
08 Team Work and Publishing
  • Manage Properties: Grants the ability to create new properties in Launch and to modify the metadata and settings at the property level. You can also delete properties.. Administrators usually perform this role.
  • Develop Extensions: Grants the ability to create and modify extension packages that are owned by the company including private releases and requests for public release.

Save after setting.


Authorize someone

Now suppose that someone is granted permission to the group USA-develop. Click on the group:

08 Team Work and Publishing


Click “Add User”:

08 Team Work and Publishing


Enter his Adobe Id and confirm.

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