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14 Fire Rules Sequentially

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Let me show you an example first, if you can’t see clearly, please click to enlarge this picture:

14 Fire Rules Sequentially

There are multiple configurations in Events and Actions. The relationship in Events is Or and the relationship in Actions is Then. There is an order relationship between them.


In Events, you can add multiple Events. The relationship between them is Or, which is a side-by-side relationship. However, there is also a sequence problem. Priority ordering is achieved through the Order inside. The value is 1 ~ 100(default is 50).. The lower the value, the higher the priority and the higher the order.

14 Fire Rules Sequentially

If you want to add Events, click the last “+”:

14 Fire Rules Sequentially


The conditions are and, which are triggered only when all conditions are met.

14 Fire Rules Sequentially


In Actions, you can add multiple Actions. The relationship between them is Then, which is the order in which we see them.

14 Fire Rules Sequentially


We can change the existing sort, move the mouse to the position shown in the figure, and then drag it to any position:14 Fire Rules Sequentially


If you want to add Actions, click the last “+”:

14 Fire Rules Sequentially

The execution order in Actions is very important, especially when deploying multiple Adobe products, these will be demonstrated later when deploying other products.


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