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What is Adobe Launch?

Adobe Launch BCS 5 years ago (2019-11-01) 1245 Views 0 Comments

Adobe Launch is Adobe’s next-generation tag management tool (TMS, Tag Manager Tools). It has been redesigned from the bottom up, and the same batch of DTM (Dynamics DTM is the full name of Dynamic Tag Manager). It took engineers nearly two years to develop a new generation of tag management systems that support and unify the marketing technology ecosystem to replace the previous DTM. This new tag management system is called Adobe Experience Platform Launch, referred to as Adobe Launch, Launch by Adobe, or directly as Launch.

What is Adobe Launch?


This is a revolutionary approach to tags management that enables third-party developers to build, maintain, and continuously update integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud on a unified platform, enabling all of these technologies to work together. And with Adobe’s App Store-like interface, companies can easily deploy web applications from Adobe and third-party vendors, define the customer behavior they want to capture, and determine how to use that data in their digital marketing tools.

Adobe Launch not only provides your organization with a more scalable and flexible way to support current and future Web technologies, but it also makes other aspects of tag management easier, including in the digital ecosystem. Configure rules, administrative permissions, and unified technologies. While you may be satisfied with the features that DTM offers today, there will be new technologies and complex issues that the first generation of tags management systems cannot support or solve in the future. With Adobe Experience Platform Launch, your business can immediately benefit from a unified web technology ecosystem.

The official said a lot of language to praise this tool, in fact, this is just a tags management tool, similar to GTM (Google Tag Manager).

This TMS (Launch) is free, but it is different from DTM’s open policy. DTM is free for all users. Whether you are an Adobe customer or not, you can use DTM if you sign up for an Adobe ID, but Adobe Launch requires you. Only  Adobe Experience Cloud customers have the right to use it, it is a bonus, not for non-Adobe users.

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