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Why Google Analytics 4 Has No Data [10 Reasons ]

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Update time: January 7, 2023

Why does my Google Analytic  4 have no data?

 I concluded that there are several reasons:

Data Delay

Some people have just implement GA4, and then go to the GA4 report to see the data, saying that there is no data.

Why Google Analytics 4 Has No Data [10 Reasons ]

In fact, the data of GA4 has a delay. The official said it is 24~48 hours, but in fact it is usually one day. The free version and the paid version are the same, so it is recommended to check the data in the report the next day.


Google Analytics 4 Server Down Or Bug

The server where GA4 collects data is down, so there is no data.  this possibility is very small, very small, but i have encountered.

You can see the Google Ads Status Dashboard, which shows the status of Google Analytics in the last week:

Why Google Analytics 4 Has No Data [10 Reasons ]

All ✅ said that the product has been fine in the past week.


Google Analytics 4 tracking error

  • Tracking code not deployed to all pages: If the Google Analytics 4 tracking code is deployed directly, the code is added in the wrong place or only deployed on some pages, then there will be no data.
  • Google Analytics 4 tracking code removed:The tracking code was removed by development, and naturally there is no data in Google Analytics 4.
  • It is dataLayer.push, not dataLayer:If your website is SPA/PWA, you should use dataLayer.push to send data through the data layer. If you use dataLayer, the data will not be sent at all, and naturally there will be no data.Why Google Analytics 4 Has No Data [10 Reasons ]

Google Tag Manager tracking error

  • GTM is not released: If GTM is not released, the above configuration has not yet taken effect, so there is no data.
  • GTM tracking code removed:The GTM code is removed, so naturally there is no data.
  • Measurement ID error: you want to deploy G-A, but the actual deployment is G-B, then there will be no data in G-A.
  • Trigger error: No trigger is set, or trigger error will cause no trigger, then there will be no data.


Browser Plug-in Blocking

There are plug-ins in the browser that block third-party tracking, which makes it impossible to track.

Checking method: close third-party plug-ins on the browser

Plug-in can also cause other problems, refer to:Impact of Browser add-ons on Google Analytics 4


Consent Management Platform(CMP)

If you have deployed a consent management platform/CMP and the user does not agree, then the user’s data cannot be tracked, so Google Analytics 4 has no data.


Content Security Policy(CSP)

If you haven’t made changes in GA4 and GTM, and GA4 suddenly has no data, it may be a problem with CSP,CSP must allow the execution of Google Tag Manager code snippets. For details, please see: https://developers.google.com/tag-manager/web/csp

Why Google Analytics 4 Has No Data [10 Reasons ]


Lazy Loading

Some websites enable lazy loading, which will cause js to not be loaded, and GA4 will have no data.


Hide JS

Some website systems will hide the js in the header for security reasons. After hiding, the js will not be loaded, and naturally there will be no data.


Seeing the Wrong Property

If you are deploying the Property of “Website A”, but you are looking at the Property of “Site B”, don’t be surprised, some people are so careless.


Over Payload

Payload refers to the size of data sent to GA, that is, how much data can be sent in one request. In UA, the maximum is 8K, and in GA4, the maximum is 16K. If it exceeds, the transmission will fail, and Google Analytics 4 will  have no data.

Why Google Analytics 4 Has No Data [10 Reasons ]

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