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Adobe Lauch——Property

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Today we introduce Adobe Property, an organization can create multiple properties, and a single property can track one or more sites, a property is basically a container that you fill with extensions, rules, data elements, and libraries as you deploy tags to your site.

Their structural relationship is: An Adobe ID can have permissions for multiple organizations, and an organization can have  permissions for multiple properties. Each Property will contain a set of Rules, DataElement and Extensions

Adobe Lauch——Property

The settings interface of Adobe Launch Property is as follows:

Adobe Lauch——Property


Adobe Lauch——Property

1. Adobe Experience Cloud, click to jump to the Adobe Experience Cloud interface.

2、2, Adobe Launch, click to jump to the Adobe Launch‘s Property Management interface, also the current interface.

3, organization ID, here is your organization ID, if you manage multiple organization IDs, you can switch to different organization ID.

4. Quickly jump to other Adobe products.

5, help and community

6, personal profile settings


Adobe Lauch——Property

1, Property, is to return to the main interface.

2, Audit Event, Property operation record, if there is a problem, you can find it through this, to see who set the error.

Main interface

Adobe Lauch——Property

1. The organization ID is displayed here, indicating the property of which organization ID you are currently operating.

2, search function, quickly search for Property.

3. New Property, create a new Property.

4, Property, the existing Property, has a name, platform and state, the name represents the name of the Property, the platform represents the platform of the Property, there are Web and Mobile, the state has Enabled and Disabled.
Click on it to enter the settings interface.

Create a new Property

Click“New Property”, after clicking, you can see a property setting interface:

Adobe Lauch——Property

  • Name is a required parameter, and the name or domain name of the site is generally filled in.
  • Platform type is required. Select the type according to the actual situation. The website selects Web and the APP selects Mobile.
  • Domains is a required parameter. You can fill in the top-level domain name directly, no subdomains, paths, protocols, etc.

ADVANCED OPTIONS check the first one.The second one only needs to be checked when you need to develop your own extensions.Most are not needed.

Save as shown in the above figure.The property you just created can be seen in the property management interface.

Adobe Lauch——Property

Our new property are created.

Delete Property

Clicking on the box in front of the Property will bring up the option to delete, and the button to be deleted is in the upper right corner.

Adobe Lauch——Property

Click on Delete to delete Property.

At the same time, you can also copy or modify the Property.


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