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Adobe Launch/Analytics Data Layer Explained(2024)

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Update time: August 16, 2023

What is the Data Layer?

A data layer is a framework of JavaScript objects on your site that contain the variable values used in your Analytics implementation. It allows greater control and easier maintenance when assigning values to Analytics variables.


Data Layer Type

There are two types of Data Layer in Adobe Launch:

Customer Experience Digital Data Layer

Customer Experience Digital Data Layer is abbreviated as CEDDL, usually directly called Data Layer, this is the static Data Layer, on the page, which is actually a JavaScript variable, its name is digitalData, such as:

Adobe Launch/Analytics Data Layer Explained(2024)

Event-Driven Data Layer

Event-Driven Data Layer is abbreviated as EDDL, similar to GTM’s Data Layer, this is a dynamic Data Layer that actively sends data out.


Adobe Client Data Layer (ACDL)

ACDL is EDDL provided by Adobe.

By default the ACDL script creates a new data layer with the variable name adobeDataLayer,Send data with adobeDataLayer.push, for example:

    "component": {
        "training-data": {
            "title": "Learn More",
            "link": "learn-more.html"

The following methods are available on the data layer object:

  • push(): Adds items to the data layer.
  • getState(): Returns the merged state of all pushed data.
  • addEventListener(): Sets up a function that will be called whenever the specified event is triggered.
  • removeEventListener(): Removes an event listener previously registered with addEventListener().

Data Layer Manager

Data Layer Manager is an EDDL provided by Search Discovery.

window.appEventData = window.appEventData || [];
  "event": "Page Loaded",
  "page": {
    "siteLanguage": "en-us",
    "siteCountry": "US",
    "pageType": "product detail",
    "pageName": "pdp - crossfit zoom",
    "pageCategory": "womens > shoes > athletic"


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  1. I want to show or push, say training-data, only if all the values are present, otherwise no trainign-data. How can I do that?
    sagrawal2024-04-23 17:33 Reply Windows 10 | Chrome
    • Use if to add conditions to restrict.
      BCS2024-04-24 10:53 Reply Mac OS X | Chrome