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Common Bug and Error in Google Tag Manager (2024)

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This article collects errors or bugs of Google Tag Manager. It also provides solutions and will be continuously updated. If you encounter a problem, you can share it with me and I will update it to help more people.

Workspace Conflicts

When you publish  new version in google tag manager,  it says: “Workspace Conflicts The workspace has conflicts with the latest created version. Please resolve conflicts and try again.” 
When you click “Resolve”, the next page is blank.
This is a known bug and is being officially addressed.
Temporary plan:
A temporary workaround is to export your container and re-import it into a new workspace. This will effectively resolve any existing entities and should provide a temporary workaround until Google fix the issue. 

Chrome is not loading GTM Embed Code

If you use Tag Assistant appears Request timeout, No response from GA.

This is because*** failed to load, you can see 404 on the network in the browser developer tools, this situation only occurs in In chrome, but not all chrome will have problems.

If you switch to Firefox and safari, it can be loaded normally, so it is not a server problem. Although only 404 appears in chrome, it is obviously related to the browser. It is estimated that it is a browser mechanism or setting problem.

Return to your GTM, you click on the preview status, and then see if the GTM can see the preview prompt:
Common Bug and  Error in Google Tag Manager (2024)
If not, return to your website, if the status of the tool below appears, then GTM has not yet launched the 404 caused by the preview status. This is because the GTM settings page is adblocked, so you see the GTM preview prompt, you Need to turn off adblock.


Check your plug-in, turn off adblock, and directly display that Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are not blocked.
Common Bug and  Error in Google Tag Manager (2024)
Refresh it, you can see the preview prompt, and then launch the preview status, and you can load the GTM Embed code normally.

Malware Warning

You may encounter:

Common Bug and  Error in Google Tag Manager (2024)

This is because GTM has a malware detection mechanism, which was released in 2016. It will automatically detect whether there is malware in the configuration in the container, and prompt if there is.

Generally speaking, the introduction of some unknown js will trigger.

If you are deploying a third-party tracking code, you can first see if there is a template in the Community Template Gallery, and if so, use it.

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