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GA4 Measurement Protocol Frequently Asked Questions

Google Analytics Haran Huang 2 months ago (01-29) 142 Views 0 Comments

In this article, I would like to share some problems that are often encountered when using the GA4 Measurement Protocol.

No events

Some people may experience that the data is sent out normally, and the return is 204, but there is no event in the real-time report of GA4.

There are the following reasons:

  • api_secret problem: such as missing api_secret, or api_secret error, invalid.
  • Over 72 hours: GA4 can only process data within 72 hours, if it exceeds 72 hours, it will not be processed.


Be assigned to Unassigned Channels

Some people may encounter that the data sent by Measurement Protocol is divided into Unassigned channel, as follows:


GA4 Measurement Protocol Frequently Asked Questions


This is because the ga_session_id parameter is missing, if ga_session_id is missing in the Measurement Protocol, it will be classified as Unassigned Channels.

ga_session_id is in Cookie_ga_<container-id>, learn more: Explanation of Cookie Values ​​used by Google Analytics 4


Some Dimensions are not set

This is because there is no such dimension sent in the Measurement Protocol, so it is not set.


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