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Events Not Showing in Google Analytics 4 Reports?

Google Analytics BCS 1 years ago (2023-01-27) 3417 Views 0 Comments

Update time: June 7, 2024

Some people may encounter that they have done event tracking and can track it normally during debugging, but they cannot see the event in Google Analytics 4 Reports.

Data Delay

GA4 has a relatively serious data delay, It can take up to 24 hours for newly created events to be shown in the reports, many of your reports and explorations can take 24-48 hours to process data from your website or app. Read more:GA4 Data Delay: Data Freshness

Suggestion: Check back in a few days.


Data Thresholds

If Google Signal is turned on, there are few data and no data thresholds are exceeded, in order to protect user privacy, GA4 will not display some data. Read more:Understanding Data Thresholds in Google Analytics 4

Suggestion:Select 「Device-based」 for 「Reporting Identity」.



GTM is Not Released

If you configure this event in GTM, the Preview is normal, but it is not released, which may also result in no data.

Suggestion: Check if GTM has not been released


Data Filters

If you enable Data Filters and filter your own traffic, events will naturally not appear in the GA4 report.

Suggestion: Check Data Filters


Browser plug-in blocks GA4

If there is a browser plug-in that blocks GA4, the event will not be visible in GA4.

Suggestion: Check if there are any requests sent to GA4 in the Network in the browser developer tools, and filter with “v=2”. If you see requests starting with “collect”, it means that GA4 is tracking normally.


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