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Google Analytics 4 Free and Paid Version Comparison (2022)

Google Analytics Haran Huang 5 months ago (07-07) 253 Views 0 Comments

Google Analytics 4, referred to as GA4, officially called the New GA, has a standard version and a paid version:

New GA(Standard) New GA 360
Accounts 100
Propertys 100
Data Streams 50
Number of  Events 500
Event Parameters 25 100
User-scoped Custom Dimensions 25 100
Event-scoped Custom Dimension 50 125
Event-scoped Custom Metrics 50 125
Conversions 30 50
Analytics Insights 50
Funnel 200
Audiences 100 400
Audience Triggers 20
Explorations 200 created per user per property
500 shared per property
200 created per user per property
1000 shared per property
Explore Sampling Limits 10M events per query 1B events per query
Unsampled Explorations Not available Unsampled results up to 50B events per day per property
API Quotas 25,000 tokens per day 250,000 tokens per day
Data Retention Up to 14 months
Options: 2, 14 months
Up to 50 months
Options: 2, 14, 26, 38, and 50 months
XL properties: 2 months
BigQuery Export Daily export: 1 M events
Streaming export: unlimited
Daily export: Billions of events
Streaming export: unlimited
Data Freshness 4-8 hours (actually one day) About 1 hour
Price Free From $30K~50K/year based on country

Roll-up properties
Automatic custom tables

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