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Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

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Update time: Jun 1, 2024

Although GA4 has been released for 3 years, there are still some bugs in this product. I will introduce some bugs below.

If it’s officially fixed, I’ll mark it


You Google Tag code isn’t Configured Correctly

Recently, some people have seen the following prompt at the top of their GA4 account: “Your Google Tag code isn’t configured correctly, which may soon prevent your property from measuring automatic events. To fix this, place your Google Tag configuration code in the correct location on all pages that measure events.”

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)


My former clients asked Google and the reply they got was: This is because Google Tag Manager has a new feature that was not detected, and it was mistakenly thought that there is no Google Tag.

Referral :You Google Tag code isn’t Configured Correctly

Average Engagement Time Shows 0m 00s

Average engagement time is 0m 00s, such as:

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

verage engagement time is calculated based on the user_engagement event, so your GA4 has not tracked the user_engagement event, and user_engagement is an automatically collected event, so you can’t make any settings.

Someone encountered this problem in February. The data was normal before, but it became 0 after a certain day, so I guess it is a bug.

Read more:「GA4 Bug」Average Engagement Time Shows 0m 00s

Repeated Event in DebugView

Recently (March 24, 2023), many people will encounter repeated events when debugging in DebugView, such as:

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

This is actually a bug, waiting for the official fix.


 Price Is Wrong in DebugView

If you use DebugView to debug e-commerce tracking, you may notice that the price parameter is incorrect, the price you send is 3.15:

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

The DataLayer.push  is right:

  event: "add_to_cart",
  ecommerce: {
    items: [
        item_list_name: "Product details",
        item_list_id: "Product details",
        item_name: "CASEME 013 Series PU Leather Mobile Phone Shell with Wallet Stand for iPhone " +
                   "8/7/SE (2020)/SE (2022) 4.7 inch - Black",
        item_id: "101115653A",
        price: 3.15,
        quantity: 1
  gtm.uniqueEventId: 596

but it shows 3150000 in DebugView:

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

Picture Source:measure


Automatically multiplied by 100000, this is a bug in DebugView, but it will not affect the data in the e-commerce report.

Multiple Life Cycle Reports

You may see multiple of the same report in GA4 like Life Cycle:

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)


Reason:When you make adjustments to the report in TOPICS for the first time, and then save it to the current report, a new Life Cycle will be generated.

If you modify the report in different TOPICS and save it, there will be more Life Cycles.

For more details, please refer to:Why do I See Multiple Life Cycle Report in GA4?


Transaction ID is not set

If you deploy GA4’s e-commerce tracking, and the transaction IDs are all numbers, then you may encounter the transaction Id is not set. This GA4 bug was discovered by Simo ahava in 2020.

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

This bug does not seem to be fixed yet, it is recommended to use a combination of English letters and numbers for the transaction ID.

utm_term and utm_content are displayed as not set

At the end of November, some GA4 accounts discovered that utm_term and utm_content showed not set.

The earliest appearance can be traced back to November 26. Google currently reports:

“Our engineering team is already investigating this with highest priority. At this point we don’t have further details or timelines, but I will follow up as soon as they share more information.”


The Conversion Event in the Report Cannot be Loaded

Recently, many people have reported that in the report in GA4, when you want to select a specific conversion event, it always fails to load:

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

It has been fixed.

No Data in Real-time Reports and DebugView

Recently (March 27, 2023), some people will encounter: Real-time reports and DebugView cannot receive data.

It is estimated that the server is down or there is a bug, waiting for the official fix.



Demo Account is Missing

If you obtain the permission of the Demo Account, sometimes when switching accounts, the Demo Account cannot be found.

This is a bug that some sometimes encounter.

You can search directly in the search box.

For more details, please refer to: Bug:Google Analytics Demo Account Missing



Data Retention Internal Error

When you choose different Event data retention in Data Retention, click 「Save」, it will prompt Internal error:

Some Bugs in Google Analytics 4 (2024)

Just wait for the official fix

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