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Enhanced  Measurement Events in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics Haran Huang 3 years ago (2019-12-08) 1248 Views 0 Comments

Meet Enhanced  Measurement Events

Enhanced Measurement Events are built-in events, just need to be enabled in the web data stream, No code changes are required, and Google Analytics tag starts sending events right away.

There are two points of note:

  • Enhanced Measurement Events are enabled by default.
  • Personally identifiable information cannot be collected through Enhanced Measurement Events.


Enhanced  Measurement Events Categories

Enhanced Measurement Events include 6 type :

Page views

Each time the page loads or the browser history state is changed by the active site

  • Event Name:page_view   
  • Event Parameters:page_location 、page_referrer

This event is collected automatically, you cannot turn off collection.



The first time a user reaches the bottom of each page (i.e., when a 90% vertical depth becomes visible)

  • Event Name:scroll
  • Event Parameters:No parameters



Outbound clicks

Each time a user clicks a link that leads away from the current domain

  • Event Name:click
  • Event Parameters:link_classes、link_domain、link_id、link_url、outbound (boolean)



Site search

each time a user performs a site search, indicated by the presence of a URL query parameter
By default, the event is triggered based on the presence of one of the following 5 parameters(q、s、search、query、keyword) in the URL,you can customize up to 10 parameters

  • Event Name:view_search_results
  • Event Parameters:search_term


Video engagement

For embedded videos that have JS API support enabled, the following events are triggered:

  • Event Name:video_start、video_progress、video_complete
  • Event Parameters:video_current_time、video_duration、video_percent、video_provider、video_title、video_url visible (boolean)


File downloads

Triggered when the user downloads the following file: pdf|xlsx?|docx?|txt|rtf|csv|exe|key|pp(s|t|tx)|7z|pkg|rar|gz|zip|avi|mov|mp4|mpe?g|wmv|midi?|mp3|wav|wma

  • Event Name:file_download
  • Event Parameters:file_extension、file_name、link_classes、link_domain、link_id、link_text、link_url


Setup Example: Enable Video engagement

In Google Analytics 4 , click 「Admin」——「Data Streams」, open Web stream details,  and then click the Settings icon for Enhanced measurement, you will see “Enhanced  measurement”:
Enhanced  Measurement Events in Google Analytics 4

Check “Video engagement” and click Save.

Learn More:Two ways to track Youtube videos on Google Analytics 4

Data Report

There are many ways to view the data report of Enhanced Measurement Events, I will introduce three ways here:


All events will be in the event report, in Google Analytics 4 , click 「Report」——「Life cycle」——「Engagement」——「Events」:

Enhanced  Measurement Events in Google Analytics 4



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